become the leader you were always meant to be

Everything you’ve been taught about leadership is wrong.
Leadership isn’t some instinctive, innate ability that certain people are simply born with. Every one of us has both the potential and responsibility to be a great leader.

It all starts with embracing the Explore, Experiment, Evolve Framework.

With these three steps, you’ll have everything you need to realize your potential as a leader—and as a human being.

The answers to all of your leadership questions are already inside you. Let’s unlock them together. Download Unlock Your Leadership Potential, your introduction to the Explore - Experiment - Evolve framework.

You Already Have the Foundation You Need to Become a  Great Leader

Right now, there’s an untapped potentiality inside you. It’s simply waiting for you to recognize it—and act on it. It’s on you to take that first step—even if it feels risky or uncomfortable. True leaders aren’t fearless. They simply train themselves to act in spite of their fear.

When you become part of the Potential Leader Lab, you’ll discover that I define leadership in the broadest way possible. (No one can avoid being part of the leadership revolution.)

lead er ship

The opportunity and responsibility to positively impact the emotional and cognitive states of those we care about.

Make no mistake, the word “care” is deliberate. I genuinely believe that if you want to lead people, you have to care about them. My guess is that you already do, and that you see the potentiality inside them, just like I see it in you.

But contrary to popular belief, leadership isn’t about authority. It’s not about a title. It’s not about training or a certain type of degree. Leadership lies in your willingness to commit to it—and to the absolute, radical, and profound sense of personal accountability that comes with it.

Your guide for this journey is my three-part framework, inspired by the scientific method and infused with the art of philosophy.

This process drives the Potential Leader Lab, your journey toward becoming the leader you were always meant to be.


Research and evaluate the potential impact of new ideas, concepts, and ways of being. Expand your thinking with the willingness to confront your own beliefs about yourself and others.


Move from theory to practice by putting ideas into action. Begin to effect changes in yourself—and in others. Act yourself into a new way of being.


Reflect on the impact of your actions. Integrate what works and discard what doesn’t. Use this data to begin the cycle anew by returning to Explore, again and again.

As you cycle through this framework, your goal isn’t success. It’s acting your way into a new way of being.

During the journey, you’re monitoring feedback from yourself and others. You’re gathering data points. You’re observing what worked, and what didn’t work.

All that data becomes fuel for your next cycle of Explore, Experiment, Evolve.

The goal? To take continuous action toward becoming the best version of yourself. A you that you’d be proud of every day. An extraordinary leader with a relentlessly positive impact on the people around you.

It’s a unique journey—both the journey itself and the destination are the point.

It's simple, but it's far from easy. This journey will demand that you get uncomfortable. It will require you to put in the work.

But realizing the potentiality inside you, aligning with the highest version of yourself, and positively impacting the people around you is one of the most rewarding things you can experience—both as a leader and a human being.

Join me—and the other leaders working with me in the Potential Leader Lab. Together, we'll lean into your potentiality as a leader. I can't tell you where this journey will take you, but I can tell you that you won't walk it alone.

the potential leader lab podcast

Let me start by telling you that I don’t have THE answers.

So why listen to my podcast?
Because I focus on asking the right questions, like: What if you stop focusing on what you are doing as a leader and shift to who you’re being as a leader?

Your potential —and your responsibility—as a leader—is ever-increasing and never-ending. This podcast is dedicated and committed to that pursuit.

About Perry

(a.k.a. What I Believe & Why It Matters)

I believe the world deserves better leadership.
I believe within every human interaction there is the opportunity to either build others up or tear them down.
I believe leadership is the choice we make in those moments.

These beliefs led me to create the Potential Leader Lab. I wanted to offer those who share my beliefs the space and safety to explore transformative ideas, experiment with new behaviors, and evolve into the leaders they were meant to be and that the world needs.

This is a framework I’ve used again and again with my Vistage peer advisory groups and companies like Turn-Key Tunneling, Convergint, Haughn & Associates, I Am Boundless, Ketchum & Walton, LSP Technologies, and Ahlum & Arbor. Through the Potential Leader Lab, I want to make it available to everyone who has the desire and interest to lead.
We are not defined or limited by our past accomplishments.
What we did is not who we are or who we will become.
Our best work always lies ahead of us—if we have the courage to act into a new way of being.

Do you have the courage to begin your very own leadership odyssey?
Are you willing to make your behaviors subservient to your goals?
Will you make the world a better place for those you care about?

I can’t promise success or happiness.
But I will promise purpose and meaning.
The choice is always there—and it is always yours.

It’s your move.


Matt Brooks
Operations Manager, Convergint Technologies
Amy Reardon
VP, Admin & Company Culture, Haughn & Associates
Chip Brown
Estimator, Turn-Key Tunneling