December 1, 2022

Activate Your Potential with E3

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As a leader, you typically develop an idea and then fight like hell to prove it right, even when you’re throwing good money after bad. 

However, the point of leading isn’t to know everything. It’s not about having one great idea but constructing many ideas into a cycle or process so everyone understands that ideas need constant exploration, experimentation and evolution.

The E3 framework provides a sustainable and scalable process that allows ideas to flourish. With a background in scientific methodology based on a growth mindset this model directly contradicts how leaders typically view idea generation and strategy development. 

Listen to learn more about how the E3 framework lends perspective and enables a faster evolution of ideas. 

Your Best Resource to Move Forward

Leadership is not simply a position or job title bestowed on you. Being a great leader takes commitment, resilience, and the ability to be adaptive.

The E3 framework will help you reimagine everything you thought you knew about leadership and unlock the leadership potential that’s inside you.