January 17, 2023

Leaders Must Be Selfish

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I’m a big believer that you cannot pour from an empty cup.

Over and over, I watch leaders being validated for completing a mountain of tasks and continuing to take on more and more. This bias toward action comes with a cost. A singular focus on checking items off the to-do list, always being available, and generally showing more respect for their team than they do for themselves is an exhausting and stressful place to lead from. 

In this episode of the Potential Leader Lab, I’m sharing how our role as managers and leaders is not to take on every single thing that crosses our path, but rather to be intentional about how we use our energy and manage the teams that work around us and lift them up to be the best they can be. To do this, we need to look deeply at our own needs, focus inward on ourselves, and consider what we require to be more emotionally stable, psychologically flexible, and to change our thinking around what our role is as a manager.